A Century of Sears

In light of Sears steep downfall, I chose to tackle their setback through a rebranding project by refocusing them as a heritage brand. Due to the accessibility of online shopping and dependable deliveries, among other things, Sears has had great difficulties standing as a competitor to online retail giants even though they acted as the Amazon of the last century.

Their downfall was induced by the purchase of Kmart which triggered a loss in their design sensibilities, resulting in catastrophic consequences. Their catalogues reflected American aesthetics from decade to decade. To remind the public of the world Sears created I want to welcome them to it in a physicalized nature focusing in on pop up stores and store redesign, using curated merchandise from their catalogues.

The World of Sears

Window displays will recreate rooms of the house, introducing them to the world of Sears. These displays contain objects designed by Sears exhibited with their corresponding catalogue spread.

Something not widely known is that Sears also sold houses through their catalogues by shipping building kits before cars were widely available. Upon entering the store one is guided through miniature versions of these houses as a dollhouse play area with informative sections.

To continue indulging the customers, curated fashion is placed near the play section acting as a timeline of the catalogues since clothing most notably represents shifts in design, style and aesthetic.