noskinnydipping is my personal concept for a fashion brand targeting fashionable risk takers. The name stands as a rule to be broken, the clothing and accessories exist for the costumer to test their boundaries.

With this project I'm suggesting a partnership between noskinnydipping and the online fashion store Dollskill. Dollskill carries various brands and their own in-house brands. Their costumers range from festival goers that partake in rave culture, to edgy individuals who take risks daily.

The Cone Hat is noskinnydipping's most recognizable accessory piece. It's a clear, cone shaped acetate hat containing liquid which moves with your body like the blood which keeps you alive.

This is an example of how the cone hat and the noskinnydipping brand would live within the world of Dollskill. Using the Mosquitolamb film featuring the Cone Hat as a banner.

Below are further examples of clothing and accessory articles within the noskinnydipping x Dollskill capsule collection