This fashion brand concept is birthed out of an experimental film I made in response to Trump’s presidency.

It takes place in bubbled cities acting as sustainable ecosystems built on the ruins of America.

The film follows the mosquitolamb, a biomorphic creature that reflects the dualities of mankind.

Experimental Film - Mosquitolamb 2017

Logo and animated background for projection

In order to translate this idealistic world to our own, I created a fashion collection living by the standards of this sustainable utopia. By addressing the second most polluting industry after oil, and using this world as an example, the clothing will create something palpable to strive towards.

Mosquitolamb collection

The style is a mixture of proper and eccentric, using inspiration from high and misfit fashion to make it something desirable to the monetary driven groups our current social hierarchy creates. This clothing and merchandise introduces ideas of human-nature collaboration through material usage and prop significance while staying true to the playfulness of the illustrative world.

In some of the few first outfits we see a water backpack shaped like a mosquiotlamb where one drinks water from it’s snout.

Shopping experience

This is an example of the shopping experience on the site. The illustrations and fluidity of the shopping experience reflect that of the world.

When shopping one has the option of viewing the clothing on the community page which acts as one of the most noticeable ways this world comes alive in our own. Here one is able to view the clothing in real life on real people. Through the customers purchasing and social sharing of the clothing, this world transcends from concept to palpable change.

Community page

Another way I brought this project to life is by creating some merchandise. For this I delved into shoe design creating boots and sandals from this collection. The shoes are made from stillborn calf leather, which with the design reflects and brings consciousness to the source of material while still remaining playful and wearable.

Cow hide boot

Cow hide sandal