Artist Statement


The meaning of my work reveals itself after the visualization of the stories I create. The combination of my imagery and storytelling builds compelling advocacy for female empowerment, environmental justice, racial equality and identity.


I was raised in a diverse collection of environments such as the Dominican Republic, Switzerland and the United States while maintaining a great love for animals and nature . For me this meant learning how to speak up for those without a voice or too afraid to use it. Seeing the faults of humans sparked motivation to ameliorate our cultures and societies while remaining empathetic to all living forms. The privilege of good education allows me to find new and personal forms of spreading my hopes and concerns.


Artists often create fictive worlds that exist to solve problems in our perceived world.  Through my degrees in Illustration and Film/Animation/Video I have learned to build worlds in a clear yet nuanced manner through storytelling. With the use of traditional or digital media I find a way to describe ideas in the form most suited. This may range from paintings and animations to performance and installation pieces.


My interest in fashion insists I carry these thoughts to refinement with wearable items, and finalize my projects through the most approachable form of storytelling: branding and marketing. Understanding how to sell something to a group of people teaches one how to make a personal thought relatable. Making something relatable is the first step into sprouting and spreading long lasting empathy.

Cracked Glue - Oil on Canvas  3' x 9'

It's hard to move to a new place but it's harder to return somewhere you once called home. All the pieces you've glued onto the set progressed scenes and acts while you directed another play. Did you really think people only thrive towards your expectations?